Manny Pandya is a full-time, versatile freelance photographer with a strong background in media relations, marketing events and the social media space.

Focusing on human connections and interactions, Manny has worked with international brands including the United Business Media (UBM) Progressive International Motorcycle Show, KYMCO USA, Creative Mornings, Victory Motorcycles,, and Tissot Watches. He has a comprehensive understanding of marketing, branding, and brand communication for enthusiast and artisan products and services and loves working with brands to help tell the story of their products and events.

Manny’s love of photography was born in the highly active environment of commercial public and media relations in the motorcycle industry. He is adept interacting with a single subject or socially navigating large event environments to capture honest, artistic compositions, key moments and memorable details. Having spent several years in the planning and photo-hiring end of corporate marketing, event planning and media relations, Manny understands the needs of today's busy marketing and PR managers and strives to work seamlessly with their teams.

As a portrait photographer, Manny genuinely wants to get to know his clients and their environments and works to create strong portraits of his subjects that make a lasting connection with the image viewers.

With a love for travel, Manny's passport and bags are always ready and willing to travel world-wide to work with his clients.

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