Portraits, Mobile Studio

When a more formal portrait is desired, or if you just value simplicity above all, I'll bring the studio to you.

Avoid the hassle of fighting traffic to get to a studio appointment. Don't take valuable time away from your family or your job. My mobile studio sets up in a space as small as 10'x10', taking only about 30 minutes to set up, and another 30 to break it down. You can get a professional portrait taken in your own office or home with just 15 minutes of time out of your day.

A larger space with controlled lighting (blinds on the windows) is the best scenario for the mobile studio, but we'll talk about all options available and make it work for the space you have.


Time is your most valuable asset. Don't spend 1/2 to a full day away from your work or family just to get a professional portrait. Setting up my mobile studio in your home/office, a professional portrait can take just 15-20 min of your time with no travel hassles for you.

Have a full staff at the office? Once we're set up, it only takes your staffers away from their work for 15 minutes each take their portrait. You can shoot up to about 24 business professional staff portraits in just one day, with next to zero productivity loss.

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